When John Rennie first introduced his plans for constructing the British Empire’s enduring icon, the London Bridge, his plans were practically considered heresy for the audacity represented in their ambition but, ultimately, proved to be both grand in design and pragmatic in performance subsequently proving all of his skeptics wrong. Likewise, the genius exhibited in the work of Antoni Gaudi is widely regarded as revolutionary architecture for its technical brilliance.

Similarly, Company 28 prides itself on building “Hand Forged Technology”. The company creates solutions to technological challenges in the marketplace and helps shape ideas from white boards to reality. We transform ideas into code that makes working technology for our clients. We build value for our clients and become their trusted partners.

While the things we have built have often resulted into products and services that generated news headlines around the globe for their revolutionary aspects or otherwise compelling consequences, Company 28 remains very quietly in the background focused on our client’s success. Before approaching Company 28, however, one should know that while we are always willing to provide confidential case studies to demonstrate our successful track record, we do not prepare proposals, but are always available to offer helpful advice.


Company 28 works privately and in concert with our partners. Our list of clients is not used as a resume to seek work. We pride ourselves on our referrals and only take work from people that have been introduced to us via clients and partners.

If you would like to discuss our services, please contact us to consider collaborating